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Designing a foundation

 Our firm will help you move from a basic knowledge about collegiate esports to launching and growing a vibrant, customized program that fits your needs and integrates seamlessly with your organization.  A full consulting process will progress through multiple stages.  At the end of the day, our goal is to see more schools involved in a diverse, stable, and student focused collegiate esports program with a department ready and knowledgeable for the explosive growth that is esports.



Now that your road-map has been defined, it is time to start building.

 During stage two, we will finalize any necessary facility renovations and modifications.  Recommendations will be made for purchasing and exclusive discounts will be offered if you choose to use our partner companies' equipment.  We will even process the orders between you and our partners! 

  With your spaces outfitted, we will build a program infrastructure to support your goals and vision.  Whether it is establishing student gaming clubs, varsity esports programs, a broadcasting station, or creating experiential learning opportunities through an esports medium, we will help you achieve your vision.

At the completion of stage two, you will have built your facilities with the right products at the right prices.  You will have an infrastructure in place to support your organization's goals.



Depending on your vision, student recruitment and staff selection can be complex.  For recreational programs, building the space will itself bring students.  For competitive programs, finding talented students and staff who fit your school's culture, and desire to pursue available degree programs, can be a challenge.

  Our firm will help you find the right methods to reach the individuals that will help you achieve your vision.  We will work with marketing and admissions to create strategies, specific to your organization, for reaching and recruiting the right students and staff.

  New student recruiting agencies, focused on esports athletes, are popping up on a regular basis.  We can help you navigate the waters to work with reputable and capable companies.


 The esports world, and the world in general, is changing faster than most of us can keep up with!  What is innovative today in technology will be common in two years or less.  We do not want your program to ever be considered "common"!  Whether it is deciding to grow the number of students you are reaching, your online presence through broadcasting and streaming, or the size of your facility, We are here to be your sounding board and design creative solutions! 


Ultimately, team sports can build character, teamwork and discipline, among a whole host of life lessons. And college is an opportunity for students to discover what they want to do with their lives. We want to help you build from that

If you build it...

One doesn't need to dig very deep to discover the appeal behind building up a collegiate scene. Football, for example, is a monolith that starts at the peewee level. And universities are far more capable of drawing in more casual fans because of the connection to the school -- tapping into that sense of belonging at a time when young adults are venturing into the unknown is a huge boon to colleges. There's a massive opportunity for esports to build a strong presence there and to capture the attention of a much wider demographic.

Some schools are going all out. The University of California at Irvine is launching massive, 3,500-square-foot facility dedicated to esports. It will have a stage for competitions, 80 personal computers and a live broadcasting studio and will serve as a social hub for the student body.